Encouraging and promoting the dynamics created by the European FinTech sector


Ever since the creation of the European Union, all 28 state members have promoted a cooperative and collaborative spirit, achieving an increasing prosperity, strength and higher international representation.

The business sector has played a fundamental role in the development of the European project, responsible for the design and implementation of communication networks – not just at a commercial level, but also at an institutional level. This has seen important changes as a consequence of new information and communication technology, which have created the space and means needed for new business models to emerge.
Today, the advance in financial technology has enabled a very appealing environment for entrepreneurs, with the FinTech industry becoming an undisputed leader in the new areas of development and innovation.

Looking for ways of encouraging and promoting the dynamics created by the FinTech sector, the FinTech and InsurTech associations of Spain, France and Italy have come together in order to launch the European FinTech Alliance. With this Alliance, the European FinTech companies will have a common voice and a meeting place which will enable them to continue thriving together.

Groups and alliances

Asociación Española de Fintech e Insurtech


FinTech e InsurTech Portugal

France Fintech

Our main objective is to create a suitable environment that promotes and encourages the growth of FinTech and InsurTech startups in Spain. In order to achieve this, we work on communication and collaboration with the relevant organisations and agents involved.

We represent FinTech companies through vertical groups, led by coordinators who are specialists in their field. We have a research area, which enables us to share best practices and to create projects that make the sector more dynamic.

ItaliaFintech brings together the main vertical players operating In Italy, with the common goal of facilitating the access of companies and individuals to Fintech services, simplifying their understanding and user experience. ItaliaFintech also actively collaborates to foster dialogue with traditional institutions and companies in order to turn the potential for market growth into real development.

ItaliaFintech represents the reference point for institutions and regulator for a productive dialog on financial technologies. ItaliaFintech partners also with other companies and associations in Italy and abroad, in order to promote and develop a culture of innovation within financial services.

We promote and defend the FinTech and InsurTech sectors and all their stakeholders. Keeping our national record of innovation in information and communication technologies, including financial ones, we seek to develop new sectors.

We have the capital, the entrepreneurship, the human resources, the technological infrastructures, the information and communication technologies businesses, the consulting and legal companies and the institutions of investigation and teaching.

There is a great receptivity of the potential clients, national and international, business and private, to the new FinTech and InsurTech products and services.

We are the neutral entity that leverages these conditions to develop the activity of the FinTech and InsurTech sectors in Portugal, to seize the national potential and improve the competitive position of all.

Founded in 2015 by professionals, France Fintech represents all companies that use inovative and disruptive operational, technological or economical models in order to deal with existing or emerging issues in the Financial services industry. The organization is managed by Alain Clot. Direction committee is composed of directors of  Anaxago, Bankin, Fluo, Lydia, October, Qonto, Smart Angels, We Save, and Younited Credit. It represents all parties of the market.

The aim of the organization is the promotion of market label in France and at an international level and the representation of French fintechs in front of government Policy, regulation bodies and the ecosystem.


Rodrigo García de la Cruz

Rodrigo García de la Cruz is President of the FinTech IberoAmerica Alliance, President of the Spanish Association of FinTech and InsurTech (AEFI), CEO of Finnovating (Disrupting Innovation Consulting company), Co-Founder of FinTech Ventures (the most active investment vehicle in FinTech in Spain), Co-Founder of Accurate Quant (the first Hedge Fund–Quant Advisor in Europe) and Director

Sergio Zocchi

48 years old, is CEO of October Italy, the #1 SMEs lending platform in continental Europe. Holding a Master Degree in Electronics Engineering and an Executive Master in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking, Zocchi is an experienced entrepreneur; he has founded and managed several companies in the technology space, taking them from the startup stage to successful

Pedro Pinto Coelho

Pedro is the Chairman of the Portuguese Fintech and Insurtech Association. Innovative, agile and multi-award winning banking leader with over 25 years’ international financial services experience with leading blue-chip institutions across three continents in progressive leadership roles, both executive and NED, in Investment Banking, Wealth Management, general management, business development, strategy and latterly in FinTech.

Alain Clot

President of France Fintech, French organization dedicated to promotion and development of fintech companies, Alain Clot is senior Advisor of EY and has a 30 years experience in Financial services.

Andrea Toucinho, European Representative

Payments and Financial services expert, Andréa Toucinho is the former editor in chief of Point Banque magazine and head of Banque et Innovation and PayForum events. After ten years as journalist and speaker in Banking and payments markets, she developed activities in consulting area in ADN’co company where she realized, in 2018, a white paper

Next Steps


To call upon other European FinTech groups in order to establish a closer relationship


To establish a communication channel with the European Commission in Brussels


To provide means of communication between European FinTech companies


To identify common issues and promote and support regulation initiatives


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